Our Publications

Various titles published by Blossom Media are one of its kinds providing value to its readers. They are a means for businesses to appeal to English reading Muslim consumers.

Launched in 2012 Muallim – The Muslim Lifestyle Magazine is India’s premier magazine updating its readers on Spirituality. It’s enjoying loyal readership base with decent increase in circulation on yearly basis. At International Magazine Fair, Muallim was awarded "The Best Foreign Magazine Award" by the hands of national education minister Dr. Nabi Avci in Istanbul, Turkey.

Launched in 2013, Ramzan guide is a separate yearly special edition of Blossom media. It carries features and articles related exclusively to Ramzan and Eid. It’s been a platform for leading Brands and companies to reach to the Muslim consumers, who are non-Urdu readers, during their biggest festival. It is circulated among upper class Muslim in Mumbai and suburbs.

The first edition of Muallim Islamic Calendar was published in 2013. The Muallim Islamic Calendar has an edge over others as it provides exclusive features that appeal to the Muslim household and are difficult to find elsewhere. The size and design of the calendar is apt and appealing. The Calendar is an ideal platform for advertisers to reach the Muslim household in Mumbai and suburbs.

Al-Watany is a special edition published on account of Saudi National Day in the month of September every year. Al-Watany covers Indo-Saudi relations and is inaugurated by the hands of consul general of Saudi Arabia during their national day program. It is platform for clients who have interest business interest in Saudi Arabia to wish the Saudi nationals on account of their national day.

Newsline Mirror is a soon to be launched English fortnightly newspaper. It will be the first English newspaper for the second largest majority of Mumbai covering about socio economic development, achievements and contribution of Muslims and other minorities in India. It will highlight democratic, secular India through its special feature coverage ‘Aman ki Raah’ i.e friendlier relation between individuals of different community.

The Elite will be for affluent sophisticated consumers looking for the best luxury experiences to complement their lifestyle. It will be launched in the year 2020. This luxury high-end lifestyle publication will be covering diverse subject on luxury and thus will be the preferred choices for luxury advertisers to target an affluent audience with premium advertising campaigns.