Muallim - The Muslim Lifestyle Magazine

India’s First and only English Magazine depicting various aspect of Muslim Lifestyle since May 2012. Muallim is a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle magazine with an ethical and progressive outlook that has a Muslim focus; there is no other magazine like it. It has captured the imagination of the Urban Muslim masses and enjoys steadily rising circulation and loyal readership base.

It is the only platform available for the marketers to reach the Muslim audience who are well versed in English. Muallim Magazine combines high quality with exciting features - covering everything from current affairs to profiles of outstanding people , spiritual reflection to cutting edge comment, health and finance, education and environment, food, fashion and much more.

Newsline Mirror

A soon to be launched Fortnightly Newspaper gradually becoming the mainstream newspaper of India communicating with the Muslims community.

Islamic Travel & Living

A quarterly Magazine on educating the community readers about Muslim friendly Travels around the globe.

Islamic Calendar

Muallim Islamic Calendar is unique Premier offering by Blossom Media. It is into its Fifth Edition. Its authentic information on the subject of Muslim interest is hard to find at any other place and hence it one of the most sought after yearly product of Blossom media by the Muslim community.

Ramdhan Eid Shopping Guide

Ramazn and Eid being the two biggest festivals of the Muslim community, This yearly Shopping guide , which is into its fourth edition, has gained huge importance among the Muslim communities do you the spiritual and shopping information related to this two fests.

Issue Based Tabloid

We were in a fix to promote our flagship publication, Muallim – The Muslim lifestyle magazine to get subscribers. Reaching to English reading Muslims was an issue, as there was no advertising platform available which tapped 100 percent English reading Muslims , hence an issue based tabloid focused on Muslim interest in English was an ideal platform to reach the potential subscribers in Mumbai and suburbs, it worked. Through this we developed an option for other marketers who are willing to reach to 100 percent English reading audiences.